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Cool Luxury Cars at a reasonable Price

Always wanted to drive a luxury car but afraid of the exorbitant cost? Contrary to popular belief, luxury cars don’t have to cost a small fortune. Upscale quality vehicles are more affordable than ever. We’ve rounded up three cool cars which can be purchased for under $40k. Luxury cars offer advanced engineering, excellent performance, a well- appointed interior, the most up to date safety features and of course status and brand recognition. Driving is always more fun behind the wheel of a top quality vehicle instead of just any old car.

Another great option would be to use buy a certified pre-owned luxury car. Many auto brands offers certified pre-owned upscale cars that look good as new and come with excellent warranty programs. Chances are that no one will be able to even tell that it’s pre-owned.

1.) Cadillac CTS Coupe – This luxury sports coupe isn’t nearly as expensive as it looks. The CTS is gorgeous and sports aggressive styling details through its angular rear and sleek lines. Despite its extravagant styling, the base model is priced at a reasonable $35k. The CTS’ best assets are its distinct and good looks along with its horsepower. It’s packed with a powerful V6 engine with 304 HP and 273 lb feet of torque. This is one fast coupe that will leave all the other cars behind in the dust.

2.) Lincoln MKZ – This car isn’t just stylish but also a comfortable luxury cruiser. The MKZ is based on the Ford Fusion but with the finer trimmings. It is equipped with a V6 3.5 Liter engine with 263 hp. The interior features Ford advanced SYNCH system, lots of tech gadgets and a dressed up interior. The seats are crafted out of rich leather and feature prominent detailed stitching.

3.) Cadillac Escalade – Of course brand new Escalades don’t sell for under $40k, a brand new base model would run around the $63k range, but you can get an excellent deal on a pre-owned one. I’ve personally seen a few 2008 and 2007 Escalades priced under the $40k range. The Escalade is a large luxury SUV that will definitely get you noticed on the road. It boasts a V8 engine, bold aggressive styling and has enough room to seat eight of your closest friends.

If you want to go even more upscale, it may be worth it to look into certified pre-owned cars. There are more options than ever to choose from and with a bit of work can get an upscale car at an excellent price.

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